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Have you ever tried to bake a cake in your home and decorate it? In case you have an oven at home, then baking might not be a difficult task at all. It only needs to follow the specific recipe steps and you can have a wonderful cake before you. You may be thinking how impossible it is to have the perfect topping with rosettes that you see in magazines or television or even in a bakery display case. Creating a beautiful Christmas cake becomes a dream come true.

Everyone would like to bake cakes at home during the Christmas season that wows guests when it’s served before them, but baking itself cannot do the magic, it is usually the decorating that does the trick. In this guide we’ll share with you simple Christmas cake decorating ideas which are surprisingly easy and can make a really impressive centerpiece. The easy decorations show you how classic fondant icing can be taken to another level by employing simple methods and decorate it easily you will find in supermarkets. So let us get started.

Swirl the icing thickly and tie a ribbon around the cake. Mix pistachio paste, green food color, lemon juice, and sugar in a bowl and knead a firm dough. Now using palms make pine trees and put them onto a tray and let them dry. Using toothpicks, put the trees on the white icing to make a forest. Dust the trees with icing sugar to give a snowy look.

Sparkly bauble cake: This bright design is a contemporary way to decorate a traditional fruit cake that could be a show stopping centerpiece. Place marzipan on top of cake and its sides and then smooth it with your palms and trim with a knife. Using different shapes of cutters, press down on the marzipan to make teardrops or birds or trees. Now mix icing sugar with egg white and unique colors and flooding each shape with them and add colored balls to provide a excellent look.

Easy celebrity decoration: This is a very simple yet interesting decoration idea. Make some buttercream frosting at home with a number of colors. Use blue, pink, green colors. Now use a star decorating tip and completely cover the cake with celebrities.

Snowflakes chocolate cupcakes: If you’ve got baked some cupcakes for your visitors, then make them look wonderful with a little touch. Use baby blue icing on top and put melted white chocolate in an icing bag and draw snowflakes onto parchment paper with the chocolate and set inside a freezer. Use the snowflakes to decorate the top and sprinkle some silver balls.

Snowman and friends: Decorating and icing your cake might take a whole lot of time, but this sweet snowy scene is simple and easy to create and will be a hit at your party. Using marzipan balls to make a snowman and use a toothpick to join them together. Now use little brown food color to produce the arms and push whole cloves into the snowman as buttons. Create a wooly hat with bulge of icing trimmings and place them on the snowman’s head. Make two or three snowmen of different sizes and place them on top of the cake.

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